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Year Authors Struct. Formula sgr Mineral Name
2003 Hyatt, N.C.; Gameson, I.; Moran, K.L.; Dupree, R.; Sr2 (Nd0.53 Sr0.47) ((Hg O2)0.6 (V O4)0.4) (Cu O2)2 O0.14 P4/MMM
2002 Rayaprol, S.; Mavani, K.; Rana, D.S.; Thaker, C.M.; Thampi, R.S.; Kuberkar, D.G.; Kulkarni, R.G.; Malik, S.K.; (La0.786 Nd0.071 Ca0.143) (Ba1.428 La0.571) Cu3 O7.241 P4/MMM
2002 Idemoto, Y.; Nishikawa, J.; Koura, N.; Kamiyama, T.; Izumi, F.; Tl1.66 Ba2 Ca1.95 Y0.05 Cu3.25 O9.952 I4/MMM
2002 Mochiku, T.; Mihara, Y.; Hata, Y.; Kamisawa, S.; Fukuyama, M.; Suzuki, J.-I.; Kadowaki, K.; Metoki, N.; Fujii, H.; Hirata, K.; Sr2 Y (Fe Cu2) O7.68 P4/MMM
2002 Toulemonde, P.; Odier, P.; Bordet, P.; Brachet, C.; Suard, E.; (Hg0.875 Pb0.125)2 Ba2 (Y0.74 Ca0.26) Cu2 O7.98 I4/MMM
2002 McAllister, J.; Attfield, J.P.; (La0.925 Sr0.045 Ca0.017 Ba0.013)2 Cu O4 ABMA
2001 Subbarao, M.V.; Kundaliya, D.C.; Kulkarni, R.G.; Malik, S.K.; Yelon, W.B.; (La0.357 Y0.214 Ca0.429) (Ba0.643 La0.357)2 Cu (Cu1.764 Fe0.236) O7.24 P4/MMM
2000 Valldor, M.; Boullay, P.; Axnas, J.; Bryntse, I.; Tl1.3 Hg0.7 Ba1.5 Sr1.22 Ca0.28 Cu2 O7.54 I4/MMM
2000 Valldor, M.; Boullay, P.; Axnas, J.; Bryntse, I.; Tl1.3 Hg0.7 Ba1.4 Sr1.03 Ca0.57 Cu2 O6.94 I4/MMM
2000 Bellingeri, E.; Grasso, G.; Gladyshevskii, R.E.; Dhalle, M.; Fluekiger, R.; (Bi1.7 Pb0.3) Sr2 (Ca1.7 Bi0.3) Cu3 O10 A2AA
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